Pyramids as old as the ones in Egypt found in Peru.
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Pyramids as old as the ones in Egypt found in Peru. Actually, they're more like ziggurats of ancient Mesopotamia but hell anyway they're just as old as their Middle Eastern counterparts. Here's a bit more on the Americas' oldest city.
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Huh. Interesting.

After adding a coat of plaster, the builders painted the pyramids in earth tones. "Rosy pink, light beige, light gray, blue gray and yellow," said Haas. "These things would have been magnificent in their glory."

Though their technological skills were absolutely amazing for the time, their decorating sense was not. Pink with Gray and Yellow? /Like Hello!/ what /where/ they thinking?
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C'mon. It was after Labor Day.
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Also, that second link is titled "Peru Holds Oldest New World City"

New World
Wouldn't that mean the first European City in the Americas? Why would it be new?
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I guess when the American Indians first reached America from the Old World (Siberia around 12,000 years ago), they probably thought it was pretty New too.
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