Please Say Something........any answer will do
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Please Say Something -- ten quick animated episodes starring Mouse and Cat. [description] | More animation by David O'Reilly, creator of the "award-winning destructive and massively overrated" RGB XYZ [previously on MeFi]. | [be warned: some animations NSFW for language; jarring sounds and flashing colors in places.]
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Er, not sure what to say. But that rocked. However you translate such a sentiment into, er, whatever you call that post-cinematic language I just, er, post-experienced.
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thursday morning +=10
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And, holy crap, I just watched RGB XYZ. Wow wow wow.
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I'd missed RGB XYZ. That was awesome.
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cool. Awesome sound design.
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Embedded server not responding. Is this on reddit or did we kill it all by ourselves?
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Mice got beards!

Some day... some day I will figure this all out.
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These are fanstastic and creepy, thanks for the link.

poor kitty
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ZachsMind: o.0
ZachsMind: 0.o

Wow, to make you speechless two nights in a row, in the same thread... Those little animations are pretty awesome, huh?
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