Well, it is what they're there for...
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Bandstand Busking have decided to put liven up the underused bandstands of London by, well, you know, putting bands on in them.

As an added bonus here's some pictures of vintage bandstands.
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Very nice first post Helga-woo. Thank you.
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Is it really 'busking' if you've got two cameras on tripods and a third cameraman filming you?
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Joins takeawayshows and black cab sessions on the semi-public diy band video front. This one fits a niche (notably, guitarfolksongwriters) which the others haven't entirely filled, but I kind of wish that there was one for non-indie music.

Also, it would also be fantastic if one of these 'people playing on the street' video sites actually filmed... street musicians. Just throwing it out there, indie filmmakers.
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I was sort of expecting a marching band to file into a bandshell, play a Sousa march with an open tuba case out front and then disappear into the night.
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Very good—nice post!
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I had the pleasure of spending a lovely Sunday afternoon in Southwark Park recently while one of these bands was playing in the bandstand, they added a distinctly Victorian era type of splendour to our sunny Sunday picnic. I would highly recommend the experience to any Londoners while the weather is good.
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