It's time to play the music.
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The Muppets have their own YouTube channels! Enjoy a little classical music with Beaker or Gonzo, opera with the Swedish Chef, get patriotic with Sam the Eagle, or just leave commentary with Statler and Waldorf.
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You are all weirdos.
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I'm glad to finally have a canonical transliteration of "Yenggoosveer de hoop-de-diskee-doo Yee-boom de hurdee yer humm! Børk! Børk! Børk!"
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*sigh* No Vendaface.
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This is awesome. I am SO going to use the Statler and Waldorf videos to heckle bad posts on LJ and forums.
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This is awesome.
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Those are great, thanks for the links. They also led me to this classic clip of Milton Berle versus Statler & Waldorf, so thanks for that too!
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Very creative nicknames and episode titles. I have such a soft spot for the vision of Jim Henson and all who have followed him to keep the Muppets going. Good stuff, thank you.
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It is creepy how Statler and Waldorf won't age. When I'm dead, they will be still on some new medium, mocking me for my short-livedness.

A religion could be built around that fact. Statler and Waldorf will outlive you, and whatever you do, you won't gain their respect. Be humble, or be heckled humble.
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One of the more adorable things I've seen was the sketch where Beaker, the Swedish Chef, and Animal all sang "Danny Boy." It was right up there with "Tonto, Frankenstein, and the Caveman sing."

...That is all.
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You are all weirdos.

Do you mean it? <3
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Awesome! I half-expected to be muppet rick-rolled, but was pleasantly surprised. I love the muppets and all their short little skits.

Just for the heck of it, here's the Danny Boy video EmpressCallipygos referenced, it fits well with the theme.
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The Smithsonian currently has a fantastic Jim Henson exhibit that features puppets, story boards and design concepts for Muppets. And it's going on tour.
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muppets rule
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This fills me with joy!
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See also.
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