Better to limbo under a stick than become one...
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See Nemo fetch. Want to train your comet to join the Comets? Your Shubunkin to do some dunkin'?

Goldfish training.

A school of fish or a school for fish? You be the judge.
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For 3 Strange Days, I lost my motivation....
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Eventually they do the tricks on their own, and you don't need the wand.

Comet needs a thought bubble: "I've been doing this same thing like 40 times in a row, where's that damn stick with the food on it??!!"
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A more exciting, but possibly fake, goldfish video from TV.
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Squamous, definitely squamous
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That link to a school of fish is a actually a shoal.

"Shoaling is perhaps the most fascinating social behaviour possessed by fish, although most attention has been focused on the most spectacular aspect of shoaling: schooling. A School of fish often seems to have a mind of its own, moving in co-ordinated fashion through complicated manoeuvres with the members precisely spaced within it. A shoal is any group of fishes that remains together for social reasons, whereas a school is a polarised, synchronised shoal" (From Fishes, An Introduction to Ichthyology Fifth Edition by Peter B. Moyle and Joseph J. Cech, Jr.)

This may also be fake and/or exciting . Fish need vitamin B.
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That's fantastic. Now I want to see a big aquarium full of guppies playing Quidditch!
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Awe. Some.
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A video of a fish running through an agility course is incomplete without a little tiny diver running alongside urging it on.
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asavage, paging asavage.
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If you look closely, the fish in pwb's video are being dragged faster and more smoothly than their fins could be pushing them. I don't know if it's ever been confirmed, but it's at least widely hypothesized and denounced in the fishkeeping communities as showcasing fish who've had magnets implanted, or who've been induced to eat magnets (goldfish eat gravel, sometimes). Probably they didn't live very long after that video - it's pure cruelty.

Fish school is totally awesome, though, and I know of a few trained bettas, including one who scored her owner's young daughter an A on a science project! They're among the smallest fish who can be trained successfully, apparently. Never had a chance to try it myself. I've had one fish who I'm convinced was smart enough and of the right disposition to respond well to training, given that she figured out the laser pointer wasn't food the first time she "caught" it (never chased the thing again), but she passed away, sadly. Alas, poor Tiamat, I knew ye well.
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