George, you old dog, you...
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Meet Lonesome George. George is the last known remaining Pinta Island Tortoise. That's pretty lonely. He's also, according to some, the most famous reptile in the world. via. But there's good news: George might be a dad!
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i know he's a tortoise but he's still...
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I found his son.
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Awww. I visited George last December... he's actually rather spry for a 90 year old tortoise.
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I love this post. I had never heard of George before. Now I'll be cheering on his tortoise-y sexcapades.
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Title flagged as species-inaccurate. No, seriously, good for you, George. I'm glad to see that rare-tortoise-sex is going on.
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But does he attack cats?
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Does he eat giant strawberries?
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I guess the turtle finally went all the way down.
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Awww, Georgie. Do you want your wickle tummy wubbed? Do you? Do you? Yes you do! Oh yes you do!
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> George appears to have broken out of his solitude

fuller queues up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doing "Coming out of our shells."
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One US travel agency now advertises George as "the world's oldest living gay turtle".

Phew! He just barely beat out Elton John for that one!
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George, estimated to be between 60 and 90 years old, is just now in his sexual prime...

McCain/George '08
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George, estimated to be between 60 and 90 years old, is just now in his sexual prime

Does this mean that 60-90 years old is like teenagerhood for male tortoises? He'll live to be 1000 years old at that rate. Good for you, George!
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Wow, I had no idea this morning that I would read a story about tortoise ejaculate and that it would totally make my day.
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When I first heard about George I found the idea of being the last of one's species to be just unspeakably sad. Good on him for getting some tortoise nookie. Hopefully there will be babies in the future.
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OldJokeFilter:How do tortoises make love?


*unbearably long pause*


*unbearably long pause*


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pjern, I have seen the tortoises at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans getting it on, and that's not a joke, it's an accurate description. They also huff very loudly during the INs and OUTs.
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We had a profile of Lonesome George in a web-only article accompanying the Fall 2006 issue of VQR. I'd never heard of the big guy, either, until we ran that article.
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I read that location as "Pinata Island" at first.

(how'd i get so addicted to that freeking game, anyway?)
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Oh, and, here's some giant tortoise sex with audio. (sorta NSFW)

And, here's a smaller tortoise with his rubber friend. (this could be awkward to watch at work too)

And, this is the first video I watched a while back which first turned me on (err...) to turtle mating videos.
(The vid title is stupid. your coworkers might give you looks.)

You can watch this tortoise at work though, cos it's fricking adorable.
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Metafilter: your one-stop shop for turtle-sex videos.
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Tortoise sex - at least the Burmese tortoise sex I once saw at the zoo where I used to work - is also accompanied by their shells grating together and occasional loud screeches. It was the only time I heard the tortoises make any noise at all, and the fastest I ever saw them move. It was still agonizing. It went on all afternoon, except for a few breaks when the male fell off and had to chase his mate into a corner again.
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George looks as though he's got one heck of a wicked grin going on in that photo...
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I visited George last summer, but there wasn't much to see. He was just sitting in his pond, retracted in his shell, pointedly ignoring the fly tortoise fillies suggestively munching grass right in front of him. If he has no interest in such fine tortoise trim, no one is to blame for his species' extinction but him.
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I never met George, but my cousin did.

She said he was charming.
posted by ducky l'orange at 9:33 PM on July 24, 2008

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