cult/horror/exploitation/B/sci-fi and basically any other genre to which one may refer as 'shit'
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Wrong side of the art. This blog was originally made as an easy access page to view/manage my collection of movie posters specializing in cult/horror/exploitation/B/sci-fi and basically any other genre to which one may refer as 'shit'. Don't forget the blaxploitation, naziploitation, nunsploitation, and bruceleeploitation, and watch out out if you're at work: some B-movies aren't for kids.
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And that's not a typo: Don't just watch out, watch out out. You'll thank me later.
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Yes yes YES.
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Heh, "Saturn 3" was written by Martin Amis.

Also, in regards to the B-movies that aren't for kids link, does straight up porn (especially illegal porn count as a B-movie?
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"Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave!"

Presumably tracking down whoever made that poster would be his first priority.
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Here's a direct link to the guy's Picasa album, and this Astro Zombies poster (and this one!) might be of interest to someone.
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I actually have this one. Not on my computer, but framed on my wall behind my computer.
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Nice! I especially love the Sexual Witchcraft one.

Here's another good x-rated posters site. Thanks.
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I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do. VERY cool. Thanks! :)

Oh, and this poster floats.
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Yeah, this is pretty strong.

This is now on my must see list.
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This one made me laugh out loud. "DUUUUUDE! I swear your bong is staring at me! And wearing lipstick..."
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Aww, crap. (Tears up script about an evil bong.) Time to start over.
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You could totally make a bing out of that evil bong.
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Or a bong even... yikes...
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[I hate to break it to you, but word on the streets is EVIL BONG SUCKS PLUTONIUM WANG. It's so bad that not even getting stoned off your face will help. The person I talked to said that if they ever meet Tommy Chong in a dark alley, they will be smoking his stash...out of his skull. It is a film so bad it makes stoners seriously contemplate violence.]

Otherwise, great post. Carry on.

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Okay, without a poster for Frankenfish, one of the worst movies I've ever seen (And I saw it in Turkish. Which I don't speak.), that site is totally incomplete.
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Snyder: "in regards to the B-movies that aren't for kids link, does straight up porn (especially illegal porn) count as a B-movie?"

I don't like the idea of a porn film being lumped in the same category with Plan Nine From Outer Space or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. However, I can't find anything that would defend my stance on this. That's not uncommon. I find myself in this position all the time.

The history behind the phrase "B-Movie" refers to the early days of movie theaters when Double Features were common. This was an attempt by movie theaters to convince their patrons to stay inside their place as long as possible. The "A-Movie" was the main feature and the reason why most people went to the theater - cuz they wanted to see "Gone With The Wind" or whatever. The "B-Movie" was a less expensive feature that would hopefully keep people in the seats long enough to get hungry so they'd buy popcorn and hot dogs. Naturally, the patrons got used to this after awhile, so if you were late for the B-Movie it was okay.

Nowadays with multiple showings of one feature and no desire anymore on the part of the movie houses to keep people in the seats longer than ninety minutes so they can herd people in and out like cattle, the phrase "B-Movie" doesn't really make any sense anymore.

Most X-Rated films are low budget out of practical necessity, if not on principle. So you could argue that they are ALL B-Rated films, but since even at the height of B-Movie usage in theaters, you never would have seen "Mutiny On The Bounty" double billed with "Debbie Does Dallas," I argue there must be more to a separation between X and B beyond the economics of cinema.

So, I say no. Porn does not count as a B-Movie. However, you will no doubt see others post after me arguing to the contrary. To that I can only say, "fuck it."
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Anyone else click on the bruceploitation link expecting cork hats and sheep shearing?
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ZachsMind, thanks, I never knew where the phrase B-movie came from. I don'tthink porn can be a B-movie either, there could be B-porn though. And is that linked one "illegal" because Traci Lords was only seventeen at the time?
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Yeah. Only one original Traci Lords film is legal, "Traci, I Love You"
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Zachsmind is quite correct in his explanation of the origin of the term B-movies, although his comment smacks to me of "I like B-movies, don't get your disgusting porn mixed in with my Robot Monster"-type bias (which is not unusual).

That said, porn movies generally had their own circuit of theatres, and therefore are really a different beast altogether. If you ran a drive-in, you probably showed two movies every night and of these one was the 'lesser film' (the B-movie), the filler if you will.

Porn theatres by contrast tend to show movies all day long (and into the evening), so it's not really comparable to the usual two films at a drive-in or movie house. Porn films were also usually made for as little money as possible, and so the concept of an A-movie (something you'd spend more time and money shooting) is something of a rarity in porn.

Also, Snyder: not everyone here is from the US. Let's remember there's a whole big world out there.
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Well, yeah, stinkycheese, I'm just saying that since it's the U.S. poster. I mean, I'm not condemning the fact that it's shown at the site, just saying that porn doesn't really fit into the category of B-movies, especially porn that is illegal to show in the movie posters country of origin.
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Fair enough, sorry.
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No worries, stinkycheese. :)

It is interesting how the term B-Movie is still used these days, in an age when B-movies, in the original definition, no longer exist.
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