Japan from the Driver's Seat
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Japan from the Driver's Seat -- American truck driver in Japan keeps a photo blog.

Mr Cash is also on flickr, and has answered questions about his occupation at this site, and an archive of his columns on Japanese society is available via the web archive.
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ah, even more at the original blog.
posted by yort at 2:36 PM on July 29, 2008

The third link is a great read. Thanks for the post!
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cause we got a little convoy
Rockin through the night.
Yeah, we got a little convoy,
Aint she a beautiful sight?
Come on and join our convoy
Aint nothin gonna get in our way.
We gonna roll this truckin convoy
cross the U-S-A Japan.

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Wonderful pictures. Thanks.
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Very interesting, thanks yort!
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Associated Press reported an escape from the Tokyo zoo Tuesday. Zookeepers were seen all over town rounding up escaped cherubs. Film at 11.
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The American part comes through on the title of picture #26 "Death Wish Idiots" - if they were in the US, the scooter riders may well fit that description; but in my experience the traditional Japanese politeness even extends to it's drivers, and therefore they may be much less idiotic than the blogger's cultural filter describes...
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fairmettle--you're right, that's quite the cultural bias with that name. If you did that with your scooter in the U.S., it very well might be a death wish. In Tokyo, doing that with your scooter is one of the main benefits of having a scooter--getting ahead of all those damn cars. The car drivers know this; it's all a part of driving on the road.
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wow-ow good art
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The name had me expecting all imagestaken from teh drivers seat... probably a good thing he's not doing that. ;)
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Some lovely photos here, obviously the product of a really good eye. Thanks for linking.
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fairmettle and zardoz: Hah. You guys need to drive out where I live (30 miles NE of Tokyo). The drivers are truly, generally, numbnuts. I haven't seen any motorbike accidents yet, but motorbikes are pretty scarce here. The cars are thick, erratic, and often try to occupy the same physical space at the same time.
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