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Vaughn Toulouse was not born Toulouse. He was born Vaughn Cotillard on the island of Jersey on this day in 1959. In the summer of ’78, he left home to tag along on tour with the Clash, which he chronicled in an early issue of The Face. Thus inspired, Toulouse formed a series of bands of his own including Guns For Hire and Department S, which scored a big hit with Is Vic There? (TOTP, Cheggers) and a lesser one with I Want.

Toulouse was a fixture on the 80s London club/music scene, writing for The Face, promoting clubs, performing as a DJ and in his own Main T Posse, posing for Wolfgang Tillmans and serving as cover boy for the Jam’s final record. Vaughn Toulouse died in 1991 of AIDS-related illness.
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Vaughn Toulouse was not born Toulouse.

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Goodbye Toulouse

..sorry to digress.
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So what's the relationship of this guy to the character in "Rude Boy" that seems partly based on him? Am I right about that?
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Also, FWIW, the Black Market Clash site that hosts those The Face reprints is truly a labor of love, and quite staggering in depth. It's a .Mac site, so we might kill the bandwidth, though.
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Thanks for posting this round-up of his contributions and history.

I'm mostly familiar with him from reading the magazines of the day and hearing some of his projects on the local college radio station, but that was enough to make me sad that he lived such a short life.

Seeing his face again brought back a rush of memories of hunting down the latest club-centric magazines and looking to see what everyone in the more glittery cities were doing.
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