Twones is a multi-service music tracker.
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Twones is a music tracker that monitors Last.FM, YouTube, MySpace, iTunes, Muxtape, and a few other services.

It's officially in private beta, but limited signups seem to have opened today (no guarantees as to how long that link will continue to work). It currently only works in Firefox 2.0 and up, as an add-on.
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I can't wait to check this out. The recent makeover on Last.FM left me with a bad taste, so I was hoping someone would come out with something similar.
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The previous UI for was great. Perfect, even. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, and the addition of full tracks was making it into something that went even beyond what I thought it could be. Honestly, if they'd gotten the whole digital rights thing sorted out, I would have considered subscribing to a service that let me stream my music anywhere.

Now? It's a steaming pile of web 2.1 shit. Nothing works. I can't find the information I'm used to looking for (top weekly artists, trends, new listens of people whose taste I admire, etc). It doesn't interface with facebook properly and I'm just waiting for my blog widget to break. I wouldn't give those corporate shills a plug nickel and I'm waiting, with bated breath, for a service to come along that will do for me what used to do.

Is there anyone who doubts that a bestselling book will be written in 2010 about how corporate acquisition and the tinkering of bureaucrats destroyed everything good and right about web-based social networking?
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fb and dr-baa, I don't get the hate, or at least not for the redesign. It was a *redesign.* None of the functionality changed, as far as I can tell. All of the things you mention, fb, I can find easily. In fact, it's easier to see daily, weekly, etc. charts for users from their main profile page now. What features were lost?

Anyway, performance on the site has always sucked, but it hasn't gotten any worse since the redesign. I've never quite been sold on the model of tracking the songs I listen to (why?), but I still use for now.

I wouldn't give those corporate shills a plug nickel

How much did/would you pay for a decent Web 2.0 music service? I wouldn't pay anything. I'm providing valuable marketing info.

As for Twones ... I tried to sign up, and the site said "trust us, we will mail you soon and take care of you" but that was 2 hours ago. I suppose "soon" is relative ...

gnfthi, how long did it take you to get an account? I would think that this post should probably wait until there's a proper public beta that's available to everyone ... otherwise, there's no there there. It could be a basic spam harvester.
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I was just discussing this same idea with a friend last night.

We were talking about Digg, which is currently sweeping her office as the new hotness. It swept my office, too, but that was back in 2006, and I've always thought it was common knowledge that Digg lost its usefulness once it opened itself up to general news stories and LOLcatz, generally going after the biggest advertising dollar.

So if something like Digg or Flickr or Last.FM goes after the mainstream at the expense of its core audience of tastemakers, aren't they doomed to lose the mainstream once the tastemakers achieve critical mass somewhere else?

(I realize I sound like self-important web hipster (webster?), so as disclaimer, I don't see any inherent value in tastemaking over the mainstream.)
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mrgrimm, I know some people love the new, but I'm just not feeling it. It's too Facebook-come-lately for me.

Plus my awesome Happiness of the Katakuris gif is now broken.
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I get that it's pronounced "Tunes", but I totally want to read it as Twone-s.
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I thought the conventional wisdom was to wait for version Threens of any new software to come out before committing to it?
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I get that it's pronounced "Tunes", but I totally want to read it as Twone-s.

Somehow I missed the "tunes" pronunciation.
Kind of like the Oneders.
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Yes, I like twones with an audible "w" much better ... still waiting for that invite, though. I was just thinking that I'd like to scrobble YT music videos recently.
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A little bird tells me about a secret URL where you click through to "Join" and you are magically invited. Again, no time guarantees.
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