Gold Medal in Piano!
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Winning the Gold Medal in Young International Piano Superstardom is Chinese pianist Lang Lang. The 26 year old former prodigy compares himself not to Glen Gould, but to Tiger Woods. Given his "star appeal" and numerous endorsements, it's an apt comparison.

Some performances by Lang Lang:
Horse - a traditional Chinese piece played with his father on the erhu
Valse Brilliante by Chopin
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3, 1st movement: part 1, part 2, part 3
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Oh, oops. That's the Third movement part 3 in there. There is no part 3 to the first movement. Way to hum, self. Way to hum.
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He doesn't really come across as genuine to me... he seems to be hamming it up a lot. His interpretations certainly aren't stiff... there is some feel to it, but it just seems exaggerated. He's playing the part of pianist, and in the parlance, "indicating".

Music is art. Art is not a contest.
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Hello, Liberachi collar!
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Yes, indeed, phrontist nailed it.
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Needs more inscrutability?
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Lang Lang has a great talent, but he has a long way to go before he can play in this club.
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Art is not a contest.
Often, it's a popularity contest.
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Lang Lang has a great talent, but he has a long way to go before he can play in this club.

Well, wasn't Horowitz also accused of being too much of a showman and not being enough of a solid interpreter of music, at least before his last comeback in the 80's?

Yes, Land Lang is overhyped, but he is still young, so let's give him sometime to hopefully mature into a great musician.
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Ok, if we're talking about listening to a piece, I'll grant you that Horowitz plays beautifully. Can't beat that.

But if we're talking about watching a performance - I'd much rather watch Spazzo McFlails-A-Lot than someone who looks like a wax figure of himself. But hey! That's just me!
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Waaaay late to this party.

My sister just sent me a few link of this Lang Lang guy and I love him, such fun! What likable showoffy mischief.

Lang Lang gone mad.

Lang Lang plays Chopin with orange.

What is it with music and art posts that turn otherwise playful MeFites into such overly serious, sourpuss, nitpicky fuddyduds? Never understood that.
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