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Buzkashi in Afghanistan and Tajikistan; Kokburu, or Ulak Tartysh in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The ancient game of Goatgrabbing is still played on the Central Asian Steppes. It's more modern derivative polo is played from India to Argentina and is known as the Sport of Kings. Previously pre YouTube

For those who are considering the sport the first necessity is a good bank roll.
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I thought horse racing was the sport of kings.

This is way more cooler.
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I'm an idiot who doesn't read posts all the way through.
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The Goatgrabbing link says it involves bestiality. When does that part come in?
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Decent photos of the Mazar buzkashi (photos of 2006) held every Nawruz. I seen a couple, and never actually worked out what the hell was going on.
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There's an SCA variation on this game that doesn't include horses, but has fully armored guys fighting over a (fake) sheep or something like that. Maybe someone can fill us in on how that version works.

Or, after tomorrow, I can -- I'm going to watch it being played tomorrow afternoon. Should be entertaining.
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For those who are considering the sport the first necessity is a good bank roll.

bullshit, y'all. just play bike polo instead.
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Well, I was gonna describe the SCA bushkazi variant, but most of the guys who were gonna play it didn't feel like dragging their armor out for it so the game didn't happen. Darn it.
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