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Chuck Lorre's TV Journal... Anybody who's ever watched one of my favorite TV shows, Dharma and Greg, has noticed the 2 second "vanity card" that appears after the credits roll (usually where the production company's logo appears). This appears to be the TV equivalent of an online journal, with a mix of insights, personal commentary, and random rambling from the show's executive producer, Chuck Lorre. Some of them are mind-numbing, while others are fairly interesting. Influence of the Web or creative coincidence?
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It's too bad the site's navigation is so irritating. I hate web designers that try to reinvent the scrollbar in dynamic HTML.
posted by waxpancake at 7:00 PM on May 1, 2001

UGH! At first I was excited. I figured the production company probably had these on the web somewhere or something, and I guess I was right! if i could only get those damn buttons to work...

blah, blah...error on page...blah
posted by stew560 at 8:07 PM on May 1, 2001 it works...maybe I will read all of these tomorrow at know...when I'm busy...
posted by stew560 at 8:08 PM on May 1, 2001

Ugh, they are worse then the show.
posted by john at 9:01 PM on May 1, 2001

Thank you yarf, thank you mefi, and thank you Chuck Lorre and abc for doing this...

Not that they're all great, but at least the mysteries are solved for me...I always wondered about these things.

'course, the missus and I haven't watched D & G since Will & Grace (and Jack and Karen) started.

But really, after Sopranos, West Wing, Queer as Folk, Simpsons, Survivor (gotta admit the production values are pretty good and well-shot...just watch) and Jackass (kidding), there's nothing worth watching on TV.

Except the king of 'em all. SportsCenter.
posted by msacheson at 9:59 PM on May 1, 2001

I think my ex-wife's taking the TV when she finally moves out. I'm debating whether I'll bother to replace it. ...Well I still have all those videotapes and I'd need to watch them on something.. I haven't found anything on the boob tube to be worth watching since the fifth season of X-Files. Even the reality-based shows, which are good for a laugh, I can take it or leave it. Dharma and Greg is less interesting than watching zoo animals hump.
posted by ZachsMind at 10:51 PM on May 1, 2001

Considering that watching zoo animals hump can be mighty entertaining, that leaves the rest of us fairly well in the dark as to your opinion of D&G.

Why's everybody looking at me like that?
posted by kindall at 11:08 PM on May 1, 2001

I noticed those vanity cards a while back - sometimes I'll tape the very end bit so I can pause it and read them. They consistently crack me up, mostly the rambly kind. I was hoping to find some kind of archive of them online, but hadn't bothered looking yet. Yay, thanks yarf!

On topic, they did sort of strike me as journally, but I can't say whether I think they're web-influenced. They just seem to be a bit of expression crammed into that two second spot, and for the people that bother to read them, something interesting and entertaining, a bonus to the show.

And yes, I like "D & G". Go ahead and call me a hippie or loser if you must - get it over with!
posted by sammy at 11:34 PM on May 1, 2001

Lemme put it this way, Kindall.

D&G and most present-day sitcoms have the appeal of a car wreck on the side of the road, only without the car wreck. It's like seeing cars on the side of the road and rubbernecking cuz you think you might see a wreck but there's no actual damage to the cars and no bleeding body parts on the road. So you drive off disappointed and just a twinge guilty that for a split second you were actually wanting to see dead people hanging out of cars on the side of the road...

..Why's everybody looking at me like that?
posted by ZachsMind at 12:40 AM on May 10, 2001

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