Skirmish at Greenbrier, Maryland
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A Deadly Skirmish at Greenbrier, Maryland. A little-known engagement of the American Civil War. This bucolic crossroads was visited by the hard hand of war. The Confederate Artillerymen await, then unleash leaden death on the Hoosier troops. Carnage ensues in the gathering gloom. The Butcher's Bill.
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In my day, one inhaled the leaded noxious fumes of Testors for a few weeks before taking pictures and posting them for the world to see.

Still, nice work.
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'The machinations of Mars are visited upon this bucolic bower.' Very nicely done.
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That was extremely enjoyable, not least (as felix points out) for the delightful period language: "More than one northern family will be familiar with the strains of 'The Vacant Chair' before merciful darkness brings this carnage to an end." Nice post!
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So I guess this is a hobby for antisocial Civil War Reenactor wannabes who'd rather play with green plastic army men than with other like-minded pretenders.

I snark because, really, that was pretty cool.
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The narrative was what really made it for me:

Farmer Farhney pragmatically sets out toward nearby Boonsboro in hope of securing a young bride from the charitable home for fallen angels. Unbeknownst to farmer Farhney a clash of arms is soon to threaten his life of predicable delusion.

The imported and untried Whitworth pencil sharpener gun at the battery's left (the viewer's right) is slightly sub scale and not favored by this particular battery, owing to its propensity to be dragooned for clerical duties with the headquarters company.

I liked the photos too, having attempted a bit of toy soldier photography myself. If I had a backyard I'd be doing this too.
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Nice post. I always appreciate a good toy soldier photo essay.
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Thanks for that. Good post and duly favoured.
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