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We all know about pulp fiction. But how about some trash?

Discovered via the awesomely weird backstory to MythMaker's FPP.
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I love it.
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oh that's cool, I thought it was gonna be (seeing only the secondary headline) about John Edwards, but still...
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There's a pretty vast field of ignored trash literature in America as well. I read a lot of trash in elementary school and junior high that I'd love to re-find/ read about. Some of them, I can't find mention on the net of at all.

For instance, I am certain I read a spy/adventure novel in which the main character was trained to be a killer by wrestler Captain Lou Albano. The Internet seems to think I'm making this up, but I am not.

I was also a fan of the awful .357 Vigilante novels, which I have since learned were penned by a college student.

But most of all I liked the Doc and Raider Westerns, published by Playboy Press. They alternated gunfights with ridiculous sex scenes, and I could check them out from the local library.
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See, kids, because back in the 80s, it was actually difficult for twelve-year-old boys to find pornography.
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Oh, it wasn't all that difficult...
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Great site. When I was younger I enjoyed Edge: the Most Violent Westerns in Print. That blog looks like it might be fun if you're into this sort of thing.
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Oh, it wasn't all that difficult...
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Speaking of that, what kids didn't have porn hidden in the woods near their house? I know that we had a playboy for a few months until it was stolen by the asshole in our group, and then we had a penthouse that lasted nearly a year.
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I dunno, any list of trash books that misses out on all 550 of the "Gor" books seems like it needs revision.
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Brings to mind The Harrad Experiment, the book you read but hid from your mother.
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Another great source of trash lit, a blog by the man who ran the legendary Murder can be Fun zine.
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Murder can be fun was AWESOME. I had all of those. That was how I came to get a subscription to Mortality and Morbidity Monthly. Read my fair share of books like this back then too. I remember a Bond ripoff starring a guy named Alonzo McTavish. Iirc, the title was "He Walked in Her Sleep".
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bolda, you're not alone.
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'Love was almost enough for them but it was murder that made the delicious difference'

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Oh, Leonard!
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John Marr has a blog? My day has been made.
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Great stuff. (I just spent an hour there browsing, and came here to post it... damn you, scrump!)
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