Reporting on crises the world over
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Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting supports journalists covering dangerous areas and underreported issues on all continents except Antartica, as is shown by this handy Google map showing all 45 projects. Among the projects are Caucasus, focusing on the easternmost part of Europe where just today conflict broke out, Scars and Stripes: Liberian Youth After the War, The Soybean Wars, about the booming demand for soybeans in South America, Alaska, global warming and its effects on Alaskan glaciers, Understanding Iran looks at ordinary Iranians, and Iraq: Death of a Nation? (Revisited). Links to stories are generally in sidebars on the left and right. The Pulitzer Center also has a blog called Untold Stroies which is frequently updated and keeps tabs on all 45 projects as well as related events, such as the recent TED Talk by PRI CEO Alisa Miller on the paltry reporting of international issues in American media with arresting graphs and visuals, which serves to place the mission of the Pulitzer Center in context.
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A month ago I linked to a VQR article about the Naxalite Maoists in India. The story was by journalist Jason Motlagh who received a grant from the Pulitzer Center. Here is his project page on the Pulitzer Center website.
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They do some great work reaching out to youth too. (in the interest of full disclosure, I'm an official 'endorser' of the project that organized this specific training, Forgotten Diaries).
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"Iran's Christians Forced to Worship in Secret" by Anuj Chopra, Religious Diversity News. August 2008.

At home, he's a devout Christian who wears a silver cross around his neck, reads the Bible and sings hymns praising Jesus Christ. In public, he is a pious Muslim who attends regular mosque prayers. Illyas and his parents - they asked a reporter not to mention the family name to ensure their safety - had been practicing Muslims until they watched a religious television program beamed by satellite from Reseda (Los Angeles County). At that time last year, Illyas's mother called a hot line number of Iran for Christ Ministries, prayed with a counselor and soon accepted Jesus Christ as her savior. Illyas and his stepfather quickly followed.

I, for one, am glad to this sort of important, risky journalism is receiving much needed support. I hope that a Pulitzer grant will also shed light on Iran's persecution of those who are buying George Foreman grills and Pilates DVDs.
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I'm glad to see the Pulitzer Center getting some love here in the blue—they do a lot of interesting stuff. (I work for VQR, and we've received money from them. But, honestly, I just think they do important work, and that's why I'm happy to see this post.) But I didn't know about half of the linked articles. Thanks, Kattalus!
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