Big Brother Bothering Boozehounds!
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Big Brother Bothering Boozehounds! This Wired story combines two of my greatest fears: Big Brother and weak drinks. What's going on in this great land when your local barkeep can't give you a little lagniappe without incurring the wrath of the State (or at least his/her boss)? I'm moving to Russia, where at least they know how to pour stiff drinks.
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1. Remove spout.
2. Pour to your heart's content.
3. Cheers!
posted by Wizzle at 12:30 PM on May 2, 2001

1. Stay home.
2. Mix your own drinks.
3. Save hundreds of dollars!
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If you over tip, you can get whatever kind of drink you like.
Side note: A good margarita- 2 parts Hornitos Tequila, 1 part triple sec, the cheapest sweet/sour mix available(they're all the same). Slice some lime wedges and squeeze at least 3 into each drink. Drop 1 in and discard the others.
Try a splash of cranberry juice if you want to experiment.
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a good *blended* margarita: 1 can frozen limeade, 1 can cuervo gold, 1/2 can triple sec, fill blender with ice. blend. drink. repeat as necessary.
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a good shot of jagermeister: one shot of jager, one fist. do shot, punch self in face. repeat.
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A good tip will always get you a good drink. A bad tip will generally get you a weak one, at least the next time around. And a tight house is always empty.

Makin' yer own?
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Hey you wanna see big brother bothering boozehounds, this is much more to the point. Socialism at its best.
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Carmen Neufeld, the chair of the MLCC's commission board, said the recommendations are "on the right track to addressing the over-serving and over-consumption - "

While preserving the over-charging of alcohol in licensed establishments.

I'm really into my local music scene, and I notice that one of the many problems with it is the clubs themselves. Their business practices make five bucks for a bag of popcorn at the movie houses look tame in comparison. They do outrageous drink specials that sound like a good deal long enough to get people in the door, but then overcharge on everything else, causing people to leave. Then they blame the band for not keeping the people in their seats.

This three dollars per spout per month thing's not gonna go over very well with these tightassed club owners either. The smart ones will just hire better dependable bartenders. In the long run, it's cheaper.
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