No word on cat ears, tentacles.
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I love it.
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That blue eyed piece was ridiculously bad. The dude didn't even understand Mendelian genetics.

The wide eyes article was more interesting. Correlations between promiscuity and more masculine or feminine traits could be linked to sex hormones. But I'm still a little skeptical.
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nah, it's the blue hair...gotta have blue hair.
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Forget the last last two links, just look at the picture in the first one.
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The second article is strange. Can I question the causalities implied, or do I have to start feeling sorry for all the promiscuous narrow-eyed women?
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The blue eyed article is terrible. Here's a fun example for anyone who didn't read:

The laws of genetics state that eye color is inherited as follows:
1. If both parents have blue eyes, the children will have blue eyes.
2. If both parents have brown eyes, a quarter of the children will have blue eyes, and three quarters will have brown eyes. [...]

3. ???
4. Profit!
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Manga-ized art of past centuries. (necessary acknowledgement to Margaret Keane.)
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Are we supposed to find that picture in the first link creepy or attractive? Because I'm leaning towards the former.

I'm a little anxious about this reaching its nadir--toddlers with enormous breasts. Probably swords, too.
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Well this should be an interesting re -- Augh!

*falls out of chair*
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Delmoi, you rascal. You know that she's Hypnotoad's offspring right?





(Actually, just as I made the connection, I found the last link. Someone beat me to it.)
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That MRirian chick, my brain keeps oscillating from "cute" to "disturbing" to "omigod look away!", then repeats the cycle.
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While not that obscenely huge, my irises already have that two tone ring effect. Does this mean that I'm already a character in a manga?

I hope not, those tentacles give me the heeby jeebies.
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Sure, you can replicate the big eyes. But what about the unruly hair? I just can't look at eyes that take up half the face without hair that has a life all its own.
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Wont' somebody think of the children on Northern (toilet) tissue wrappers a few decades ago? They were large eyed, but Caucasian and surely probably not in tended to be sex objects.
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Yeah orthogonality, that first picture was a shock. Was it photoshopped? It's unreal. Strange the obsession to look like anime cartoons. I guess it's part of that neoteny/baby face thing. I'd forgotten about the MRirian weirdness a year ago. It's still weird, lol.

Just had to find out more and looked on that fun shopping blog. There's some curiously interesting stuff there, like the contacts with little stars in them.
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That MRirian chick, my brain keeps oscillating from "cute" to "disturbing" to "omigod look away!", then repeats the cycle.

Those 8-balls are straight out of the Grudge.
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Those iris-expanding contacts, tinted and otherwise, have been advertised here on TV in Korea for years and available in any pharmacy. They have bugger-all to do with anime, at least here.
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I knew a girl who was like that naturally -- very green eyes, and larger-than-normal irises. She was breathtaking. It was a subtle difference; her irises weren't near as huge as on those contact lenses, and that probably intensified the effect -- she had the most beautiful eyes you'd ever seen, but it took you a while to put your finger on why. Mysterious. The contacts blow the effect, in the same way a girl with way too much makeup on is obviously wearing too much makeup, although I guess if you were going for a "look at me! I'm an anime girl!" look, that's what you'd want.

It's a shame I can't remember that girl's name. It's also a shame that she was obviously tired of people telling her how gorgeous her eyes were.
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Eww ewww make it stop get it off me ewwww.

I'm willing to believe there's something to the effect, but that contact lens thing came right out of the Uncanny Valley.
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My toddler daughter has large eyes, so much so that my wife and I are often stopped when we are out by people who comment on them. We recently visited the pediatric ophthalmologist for a (thankfully) minor and self-correcting problem. He did tell us, though, that she really does have unusually large eyes and irises by clinical standards. As such, she is at a higher risk for glaucoma and other ocular diseases and she should receive a yearly exam.
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The novelty contacts I'm waiting for are mirrored. It's got to be possible to do, especially because you don't have to make it transparent through air from the back. No visible pupil or iris, just a blank, silver circle and the whites of my eyes.
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Manga-ized art of past centuries

Offtopic, but it's funny how Worth1000's photoshop contests has really helped spread William-Adolphe Bouguereau's work (and pictures from the general "academic" movement). I also suspect people looking for "cool wallpapers" have helped, with the efforts of the "Art Renewal Center" and Wikipedia providing higher-res pictures.
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When I discovered Circle Lenses were why all the Korean girls I'd see in photos had huge eyes (I'm Korean and no one I know in person who is can be said to have big eyes) I was mildly freaked out, I must say.
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Also, in the first picture in the first link, the uncanny valley bit for me is the skin. The only thing that doesn't just scream Real Doll is the hand, and even that I'm not so sure about.
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I've always wanted goat-eye contacts.
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I am _so_ getting a pair.

As a 50yo shave-headed black science fiction fan, these scream the sitck-on post-humanity that make my life fun.

More fun than the green contacts on St. Paddy's Day.
(And yes, I have an Irish ancestor according to the Census Bureau.)
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hellojed: "nah, it's the blue hair...gotta have blue hair."

That reminds me of Nirvana (the movie) and, more specifically, of Naima. The movie itself is average to good, a pretty neat precursor to The Matrix and similarly themed movies I'd say - but I never got over seeing this blue-haired, seriously hot and cute chick. If she'd worn some of those contact lenses it'd probably caused some kind of cute-overload-singularity-collapse effect...
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This will be great for my Sexy Uncanny Valley halloween costume!
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Blue eyes say "love me or I'll die." Brown eyes say "love me or I'll kill you."
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