Shadow Casting Panels
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*relativity by Drzach & Suchy. "Our work explores the relativity of perception and the dependence of appearance on the surroundings. It illustrates the fact that the message communicated to the observer can dramatically change with varying external conditions. Multiple images are encoded within a single physical object — a white panel, which displays the separate images under appropriate lighting conditions. The underlying principle of our technique is based on a simple observation: the shadow cast by an object depends not only on the object itself, but also on the light; therefore the same object under changing lighting conditions can totally change its appearance." [Via]
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the technique is very cool, but for an installation entirely about lighting, it sure has the worst lighting setup I've ever seen. It's worth the extra effort and money to construct something to hold a sliding light without blocking your image with power cords or distracting everyone by stepping into the frame of your own shot.
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Tonight on ActionCenterNews at 11: The same object under changing lighting conditions can totally change its appearance! ActionCenterNews's Michelle Rooks tells you more.

In other news tonight: Water Wet. Bear Shits in Woods. All that, and tomorrow's weather. Tune in at 11.
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Sorry DU, lenticular images are an entirely different technology. They don't rely on shadows and they are not lighting-dependent.

Rusty, maybe you missed the point, they are "drawing" with shadows using carefully crafted shapes. This is a fairly novel technique (though I've seen a few other examples). Their statement is a little pretentious (it's Art, surprise...) and your comment is totally asinine.
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Well in the relativity video, there are 2 different images on the board from the get go.

All they do is change the lighting, the object hasn't changed. Using their slim argument you could "change" its appearance by turning off the light as well, or standing in front of it etc.

Its cool like those zig zaggy bill boards that shift to a different add as you pass.
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In other words:

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Snark on MeFi. Tune in at 11.
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Their statement is a little pretentious...

Indeed, I even liked and was interested in this project when I saw it over on Make's blog but then hated it the moment I read their statement here (and saw it was called "*relativity").

I'd be interested in the technical details but the omgthingslookdifferentsometimes==highart aspect is....overwrought.
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fake: I was just goofing on the art world's predilection for stating the bloody obvious as though it were truly deep and meaningful. Nothing against the project itself, which looks cleverly done, at least. But artists descriptions of their own work are truly hilarious.
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Shadow Typography
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I am The Bat.
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