Gentlemen, We Have Wood
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Johnna Klukas makes science fiction wood carvings, sculpture and furniture. She has also detailed her techniques (with more "coming soon").
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That's all very well, but does she do pens?
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I love the sculpture link.
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"If a Cranberry Falls in a Bog and There's No Welsh Terrier There To See It, Does It Make Ripple?" might be the single best title I've ever heard for a work of art.

2004, near the top
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Fantastic stuff, which, like all accomplished and imaginative woodworking, makes me insanely jealous of the artist.
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WOW! Lovely and impressive. Thanks for this outstanding link, DU.
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makes me insanely jealous of the artist

I know, right? I don't dare look too closely at the techniques pages because it'll just fill my head with unrealized plans.
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Johnna Klukas is an award-winning artist who was a computer scientist (BS 1984) and electrical engineer (MSECE 1987) before turning to art full-time in 1997.

There are not too many people who would make that career change.
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I'm a box collector, and her boxes are making me wish I made a hell of a lot more money than I do.

Damn those are nice.
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I un-rss'd i09 long ago because there were 14 posts a minute, but from the lack of appreciation there, I'm glad I did anyway. Maybe the post framing led to it but still, what crap responses.
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Kudos, indeed. Especially the multi-colored rocketships
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Yeah, Annalee Newitz is wasted on that site. I still subscribe but I'm not really sure why.
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