Circus Sideshow Cemetery
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Eyesuck Ink is the art work of illustrator Alex Pardee. His unique style is one conceived through watching years of horror movies, writing graffiti, and listening to gangster rap. His work best represents that of a circus sideshow cemetery.
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Like Ralph Steadman, but with eyeliner, hesitation marks and a collection of ICP albums and Cthulhu RPG adventures.

And without the craft or talent.
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Love this guy's stuff!
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Looking through the depths of some of his commercial work, I see a bit of Berkeley Breathed influence in there too.
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I'm not seeing sideshow in his art.
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Server seems to be choking right now, but what I saw was quite good. And for once, an artist/photographer has a gallery interface that doesn't blow toads! At least when it's running it doesn't.
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Reminds me of a couple friends who work almost exclusively in sharpie and spray paint.
You can see a piece of theirs on the wall behind those dudes.

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This is really terribly generic and not terribly better than the rest of the pond. Go down to your local public highschool with poor white teens, and you'll find stuff exactly like this everywhere, and half of it will be better than this.
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