Ghaith Abdul-Ahad's Killing Fields
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An Iraqi national with a fascinating background, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad has been documenting the situation in Iraq. His video report is in three parts on YouTube (1, 2, 3). Of particular note is the cemetery on the outskirts of Sadr City (at 2:13 of segment 2), which is disturbing beyond words.
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Link 3 no longer available... alternate?
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Link 2 is unutterably sad.
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The second video is indeed sad, but the youtube comments are even sadder. I am disgusted more at the lack of humanity and empathy expressed by the vitriolic commenters than I am the actual content on which they are commenting.
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link 3 ok for me (both 3rd video and 3rd link=1st video); try again.
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I've noticed a lot of "Iraqis with fascinating backgrounds..." It just occurred to me that at this point most Iraqis must have fascinating backgrounds by our standards.
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Thanks for the reminder. I wish there was some way to grab everyone in our country by the head, turn them to face these videos, and say "Look! See what we have done! See what we are still doing! Remember when we let ourselves be led by our fear!"

The horror fades from our memory so quickly. The feeling of powerlessness to stop these things makes us shrug our shoulders. Seeing that cemetery and those kids reminded me of just how angry I should feel.
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Every time I see Bush's oblivious smirk I realize that empathy is sadly a very relative thing, and as time goes on it feels like it is in shorter and shorter supply.
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I don't even have words.
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i can't believe that second segment. why don't we know more about places like this? i guess cos very few journalists can go there but... my god.
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I was very interested in these. I started watching yesterday but stopped b/c I wasn't focused.. Although they are all alarming I think the children were the most. He states it perfectly at the end saying~~ these young children are growing up hasting America, wait until they can do something.
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