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Hawaii 70s-80s Punk Museum Back in the late '70s and early '80s, Honolulu had a small but close-knit punk scene. Poi Dog Pondering started out in Hawaii before relocating to Austin, then to Chicago. Two members of Boston's Dambuilders started out as the eXactones. Many other bands -- such as The Wrong and Cringer -- would relocate to the Mainland, hoping to seek an audience they couldn't quite find back home (embedded autoplay audio). Dave Carr was involved with a lot of these bands, and the Hawaii 70s-80s Punk Museum was curated from much of his own collection.

I was way too young to go to any of the shows played by these bands, but I did eventually get to learn about them in high school when I picked up the No Place to Play compilation from Jelly's Comics and Music.

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Saw a punk band named "Pineapple" in Portland OR sometime in the mid 90's but that is the only time I remember a Hawaiian punk band coming to town when I lived there.
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Eric Masunaga from Hawaii, and then the Dambuilders, explained to me sometime in 1991 how to reduce the hiss I was getting when recording from my Mac Plus to a tape deck. Thank you, Eric Masunaga, you are a nice guy.
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Poi Dog Pondering. Oriental Love Ring. Man, those are names I haven't heard in a while.

I too was too young to see these bands, but I lived vicariously through KTUH (strategically placed tinfoil around an antenna barely caught this station from my bedroom in Waipahu) and the Scrawling Wall newspaper. Sheriff Norm, Jelly's, Mr. Mohammed, and Radio Free Hawaii. Whatatrip.
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I was a little too young for this scene, but my SRO tape accompanied me on my morning paper route. The Mokes Are Coming Out Tonight indeed.

I'd also like to pimp out one of my favorite Hawai'i bands The Tantra Monsters.

Hawai'i had a nice comfy little scene and it was great to have grown up there.
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The Dambuilders fucking rocked. I saw them in '95 and they put on a hell of a show.
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Mad shout out to Otto.
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Man, why didn't I think of using tin foil? My parents' house is in Aliamanu, which was just outside KTUH's broadcast range. The station finally got a signal upgrade many years back, so now you can hear it all over the island.

It's weird finally being able to hear music I missed out on the first time around.

Speaking of Radio Free Hawaii, it looks like it's coming back in HD.
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I still have my 3D membership card from before they could sell alcohol (in a membership club in Hawaii you could - at least at that time - bring your own booze, which we did in a Clorox bottle). Good times. NemesisVex, thanks for the post - looks like I can replace my long lost copy of Vacuum's "Idyl Forest" through your posted links.
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I know Eric Friedl from the Oblivians and owner of Goner Records was from Hawaii and grew up there in the late 70's and most of the 80's. Did he have any associations with these scene?

"Friedl was living in Boston after graduation, doing sound for the indie-rock band the Dambuilders,"
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