Le Cerveau á Tous Les Niveaux. The Brain from Top to Bottom
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Get your learn on. 180+ ways of investigating the human brain = hours of fun for the whole family. Thanks to an innocuous question by a 5 year old, my entire evening is now being spent investigating and discussing the structure and workings of the human brain. This flash site lets you explore the workings of the brain according to 12 subject areas (each with subtopics which are not included in the "180" count), within each of which are 5 levels of organization from social to molecular, within each of which are three levels of explanation (beginner, intermediate, and advanced.) discovered via Wikipedia.
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What's with the brain posts lately?

In other news, I'm still staring. The goats remain unchanged.
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"The Emergence of Consciousness" will be online sometime in 2008... "

Wow, these are exciting times we live in, huh? I can't wait to see what consciousness is like.

(Though I suspect it's going to come as quite a rude shock to more than a few people...)
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GuyZero: "What's with the brain posts lately?"

We're all either a) neuroscientists, or b) zombies.
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YOU SCORE w/ this post.
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Nikita - I can't speak to Zombies, but after an hour on this site, I performed my first frontal Lobotomy and published two papers on synaptic degredation patterns in Brazilian albino pygmy marmosets.
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Zombies would find this post mouth-watering...quit taunting the zombies!
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Now that is an excellent brain site. Sweet! Thanks so much for this find ThusSpakeZarathustra.
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That's great, thanks for the post.
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Thanks, I needed this.
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I'll believe that this million dollar phrenology is all it is cracked up to be when my local mechanic can, based on the flow of gasoline, point a part of car engine and tell me that it is the propulsion center. Until then fMRI is simply a measure of blood flow that gives us only a tiny fraction of the information people seem to think it does.
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