is Bryan Lee O'Malley's website
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RADIOMARU is (award-winning Canadian cartoonist) Bryan Lee O'Malley's website. Several free comics are in the offering, ranging from the quirky to strange to inexplicably bizarre.

(Additional drawings are on his flickr account.)
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I've been reading O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim comic. The first volume is a little weak, but it picks up from there. The subsequent issues are really driven by the development of the secondary characters (it helps somewhat that the eponymous main character becomes slightly less insufferable) and by improvements in the art. It's also really nice to see a comic set in Toronto that captures locations in Toronto (particularly the west end) in such an evocative way. His Lee's Palace doesn't just look like Lee's Palace, it feels like Lee's Palace.
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Scott Pilgrim is awesome. I blitzed through all four comics over a day or two. It's definitely worth reading, especially if you're from Toronto. It's a strange series.
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Heh. I read the 'bizarre' link and spent the whole time thinking "this looks just like that Pilgrim whatever comic..." Shows how much I pay attention.
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Scott Pilgrim is published by Oni Press, who have some (better, imho) comics up for free download.
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Yeah, but how many of them have Lee's Palace in them?
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Scott Pilgrim is crazy addictive, and we all get to score the Edgar Wright-directed film, starring Michael Cera, next year. Woo!
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"Scott....If Your Life had a face I would Punch it in the balls"

Oh! Scott Pilgrim was such a delight to discover this year. I'd heard good things about it but I didn't expect such a wonderful, surreal, heartfelt and downright FUNNY portrayal of the early twenties gameobsessed geek. I'm hooked. Can't wait for "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe"

You guys know Edgar Wright is making the movie soon yeah? With Michael Cera as Scott!
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Oh man, get out of my head CrunchyFrog! I spent my morning yesterday reading all of the stuff on Bryan's website. I can't wait for the release of his 5th book at comic con and for the movie, I love casting Cera as pilgrim, but i'm still a little uncertain about Mary Elizabeth Winstead being cast as Flowers, I'm trying to imagine her with goggles on and wearing skates.
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