A new Museum for the tourist
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A new Museum for the tourist What a fun place to take the family for a picnic and day out. See how the other half lived. A tri[p down memory lane for film buffs and those interested in criminal history.
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New York Times link: don't forget to promise them your first born while you register with them too. Are they asking for your credit card information up front yet or do they still wait till you try to peek into the archives?
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Don't know how long before they get around to cutting this off but for the present the following gets you in without signing in blood:

Link that takes you to the NYT registration page:


Link modified to go directly to article (note the first half of the URL has been whacked off (everything up to the second occurrence of http:) and the www has been changed to channel:


This has worked for every article I've tried it on.
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Thanks for the info!
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The museum layout, she said, would allow visitors to navigate around the re-creation of the death chamber if they do not want to see it.

Seems to me that anyone who is ghoulish enough to visit the prison should be forced to view the death chamber. And this isn't a judgement, really--I'm ghoulish enough. It just seems, I dunno, wimpy to go view all the cool-o parts of the prison without having to face the grim reality.
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I don't yet know if this is good or bad thing: "What is missing is the electric chair, which is on loan to the Newseum in Arlington, Va. "
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