There She Is - Step 4
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The latest part of Doki and Nabi's attempt to find happiness. Previously on Metafilter. The top link takes you to the home page, select 'English" and then "amalloc" in the side bar. Will they find happiness? Perhaps Yoda knows?
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it is a crime against nature
posted by grobstein at 3:59 AM on August 20, 2008

Okay, where is number 5?
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Wow, those are all just wonderful.
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So wonderful - loved the earlier episodes, but wow, was not expecting the bleak and serious turn in the story. Guess it was never intended just to be sweet and cute. Love how the whole story is told without dialogue. Just wonderful. I hope number 5 comes out soon.
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Wow. That's dark.
I really hope it turns out OK.

Why do I care what happens to cartoon animals?
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The tag humour - not sure there's much humour in this episode. Prejudice, maybe?

The ending about "paradise" - not sure where they're gonna take it, or if it was slightly different before translation, but it made me choke up a little - I've often wanted to ask the question of where the most liberal place on the planet is. Where people can just be. And then move there.
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I also think about Paradise from time to time. My version would certainly not have a problem with cats and rabbits.
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I feel really sad now, and I was excited to see more of these two.

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