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Seeing Tibetan Art Through Social Tags - An interesting paper on social tagging. What can tags tell us about how images are perceived by diverse cultures?

If it gets all tl;dr just enjoy Himalayan Art Resources (previously) - maybe the Initiation Cards.
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I enjoyed this. A lot of things I hadn't thought about -- how a people in exile are separated from their traditions, the emotions that might bring up (embarrassment), how reactions to something like "tagging" photos could be cultural (the people who said they didn't want to make a mistake, though the researchers apparently made an effort to state that this was not a test).

How a people could use a museum as a way to learn their own culture, instead of the maybe-more-typical focus of museums of learning about other cultures/histories. Really thoughtful and useful for designing museums for their actual USED purposes. Thank you.
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This is great. Thanks.
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Enjoyed that. Thanks.
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Do some tagging of your own at the interestingly named
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