Biker puppy rescue
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Awww-Filter: Tattooed bikers, puppies, and tiny kittens. What's not to love? The New York Times goes for a ride-along with Rescue Ink, complete with awww-inducing slideshow.

You can see them on YouTube, too: TV news clip; MFA thesis clip; another thesis clip; visit to the shelter. More media clips available on their website.

As the article mentions, and the website suggests, they have been focusing on branding along with the animal rescue — is a reality TV show next?
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I wish I'd put the punctuation outside the link text for the YouTube clips, now that I see where the little play buttons go. Where is the rescue society for pedants when I need them?
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“A lot of people think a pit bull fighting is millions of people sitting in a ring cheering,” Big Ant said. “It’s not. It goes on in an abandoned box truck. A van is perfect. Just two guys. They throw the dog in the back; then one guy goes in there and says which dog is dead.” ... Sometimes gentler breeds are used as training bait, their mouths duct-taped shut so they cannot fight back.

Good lord, how horrible.

Good article - I wonder who the Vancouver investor might be.
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Wow. There is just so much goodness here. Tough guys and puppys. And you have to wonder if there aren't cases where its just going to be so much more effective than your stereotypical rescue group. Like suggesting better care for some dogs.
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> complete with awww-inducing slideshow

Yep, it had that effect on my wife.
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is awwww-inducing supposed to be a good thing? yet another sunday filler article. you may also enjoy this thinkpiece on the new jetblue terminal too!
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Years ago I was in the waiting room of the vet's office with my cat in a carrier. The place was pretty crowded. Then this Hell's Angel-type biker came in - black leather, studded wristbands, tattoos, the whole shebang. I noticed some of the older folks scooching away from him as he entered. He signed in, and a few minutes later the receptionist called to him, "You can come in a pick up Rocky now." He disappeared inside and I fully expected him to come out with a huge bulldog or Rottweiler. Instead he emerged with a tiny fluffball of a kitten cradled in his hands. Everyone in the waiting room burst into laughter after he left.
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Cruelty to animals always makes me sad. And the juxtaposition of these big tattooed guys and the tiny helpless animals....uh...I think I have something in my eye.
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I'm sorry, but I don't think people should be tattooing their puppies and kittens.
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there is nothing sexier than a big fuckoff scary looking guy with a puppy or a kitten. Especially if he is snorgling/kissing the wee beastie!
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BugMeNot passwords for NYT.
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is a reality TV show next?

I certainly hope so! That's one I would watch.
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yet another sunday filler article

MeFi has Sunday filler articles, too?
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This is awesome. Anyone fighting the good fight aiding in animal rescue deserves your admiration.
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Totally awwww!

When I was a teenager there was a rough looking dude in his 40s maybe. Had one of those big Pancho Villa mustaches that went below his chin. (It wasn't hipster back then.) Hho drove around in an El Camino smoking some 70s-style mustache. With a super manicured poodle on his lap, head out the window, pink ribbons flapping in the breeze. Awesome.
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Yep, there's something about big, scary dudes helping littler things that makes me go a little dopey. Here in Oz, there's an annual Toy Run where bikers load up on donated toys and go for a thundering spin to promote charity.
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“You know how old I am?” Batso announced as they headed toward the site. “I’m 75 next month. Born in 1933. Yesterday, I ran two hours on the treadmill, and then I did 120 minutes on the rowing machine. And you know what else I can do?” he said. “I can pull 100 pounds. With my neck.”

We're... we're sure he's not eating the puppies, right?
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Here in Oz, there's an annual Toy Run where bikers load up on donated toys and go for a thundering spin to promote charity.

There is a biker toy run here for Toys for Tots. You have never seen anything as funny as a big burly biker with a teddy bear strapped to his back.
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We have a biker toy run here too. I donate toys every year for it. They do groovy work.

These pictures are adorable. Awwwwfilter, indeed.
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Damnit, I found this via another page and was ready to make a FPP about it, only to realize I missed it by a day.

At least I saved myself from the embarrassment of a double.

That being said: I would totally watch an Animal Planet show about these guys.

Aren't they just the cutest?
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