Moving maps of American elections
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'Cinematic maps' of American elections a project from the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond

Video overview and short article from the Chronicle of Higher Education

('Cinematic' apparently means squished into little Flash videos. Some of the maps don't really benefit from animation (and I can't get the Interactive Map to load), but the analysis section provides some good commentary and by golly there's a bunch of maps to look at. Too bad they don't yet have the maps for this year's election. Warning: video)
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This is awesome. Thanks! It beats the hell out of toggling back and forth between wikipedia election pages..
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They weren't doing much like this at U of R when I attended in the early seventies. Looks like they have started using some of the $50 million endowment they received from A. H. Robins for more than just a basketball arena. Good on them.
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animated maps for this year are here

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Dang, I had no idea that the race had become a dead heat. I had assumed it was in the bag for Obama.
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DreamerFi: Aw. I'm shocked that that website isn't by Mefi's own loquacious.
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