Save Everyone!
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Last Guy - input a website, any website, and save the survivors.

love, /v/.
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Pretty fun, although the website you choose drastically affects the challenge- graphics become "buildings" you cannot enter, while text is just background you can walk over. Metafilter, being graphics-deprived, is large but simple; Google, being small and minimal, is even easier. Try a site with a mix of large and small graphics- Yahoo wasn't too bad, any other suggestions?

Controls: The Last Guy follows your cursor. If you hold down the left mouse button, he runs (depleting stamina). Z and X (or the mouse wheel) zoom, C gathers all the people you have into a ball (good if your conga line's gotten out of hand). Most importantly, Space shows you where people are, but hides zombies- use judiciously!

The power-ups give you Energy (half your stamina back) and High Energy (all your stamina back). If you have more than 100 people in your line, your max stamina increases; it does so again if you have more than 200 people.

The game is also a downloadable on the Playstation Network; it uses Google Maps and features major cities/different zombies/other stuff I don't know because I only played the demo.
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Ooh, thanks for the instructions Maxson. I had no idea what the fuck was going on.
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This game has suddenly become even more fun.
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Damn near impossible:
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Avoid using Not only is it fiendishly difficult, it's really surreal.
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Do not get.
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The unattainable is unknown at Zombocom.
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Ha. I used Wikipedia and the big orb in the center of the screen reminded me of the Death Star, partially complete. Only the Imperial Army was fleeing it in terror, to follow me around. Fun times.
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I'm confused. Does the game ever end? I bailed 300 people from Google and now there's nothing left to do except commit suicide.
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Earlier this month, a friend sent me a link to the Japanese language version, which was very mystifying. (I can't see it at all at work, as we don't have the sooper-dooper version of Flash it requires.)

As my husband said, "I did something, then something happened, then there was a scream and it said 'game over'" -- he'll be glad to see there's a version in English.
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Sadly it mirrors real life: I found I couldn't beat Metatalk, the coporate website was damned-near unplayable and Kottke was so simple as to be not worth playing. That being said, at least I got a better score than Jason.
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