Conversations about Quest, the Battery,Jungle Brothers and Q-tip
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Juan Epstein is the unaffiliated project of HOT 97 Radio DJ's Peter Rosenberg and Cipha. In this episode they talk with Qtip about how he[YT] got his start. They also interviewed Latarian the Elementary schooler who stole his grandmother's car [YT]

Be sure to check out ther conversations with Murs and Raphael Saadiq(A personal favorite) , The Clipse , Robin Thicke and Pete Rock
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I found the interviews/conversations sort of meh, but I really wanted to come in there and say that Juan Epstein needs to be excused from school today on account of him being sick. Signed Juan Epstein's mother.
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And while you're at it, thanatopsis, why don't you tell us about your Uncle Julius?
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You know I think I fucked this up because there alot of real hip hop history and funny stories that get told in these episodes if you like hip hop. Come on Murs talking about how he fucks porn stars for the honesty and how easy e used to escape from the stadiums(with help from the crowd) they would play at so the cops wouldn't arrest them for cursing with an AK-47 in his hands while Kid and Play were onstage pretending to be NWA.

Maybe you just have to really like hip hop. SMH
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