The Browser Wars Continue
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Chrome is here. Google released its new browser today, Chrome. It's fast and clean. Meanwhile, Microsoft recently put Internet Explorer version 8 into a public beta.
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So far I am reasonably impressed. It has the simplistic Google look we have all come to love (hate). It really just feels like a theme on top of Firefox, with some minor changes. They have made some nice "under the hood" changes, it shows up as multiple independent processes -- it has its own processes view internally.. and I love the dynamic "this is stuff you like"-ish homepage.

Hopefully this rolls good things back into the Firefox tree.
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Chrome was here.
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I feel lucky.
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Let me guess: The IE 8 beta will replace the current version of IE when it is installed, right? Because that's always a good idea. Wish to hell Microsoft would allow more than one version of a browser to be installed at any one time. It would make it a whole lot easier for people to test their stuff without screwing up a working Windows install.
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I like it mostly, but scrolling up using my laptops track pad doesn't work. Scrolling down does though.
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