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Storyboard is an almost-real-time, behind-the-scenes look at the assigning, writing, editing, and designing of a Wired feature. The Birth of Storyboard is a (minimally edited) video of the conversation that spawned the project. The feature—that will be published in November—is about screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. In the past he has woven the process of creating his work into the work itself, so Wired writer Jason Tanz thought it would make sense to do the same. Looking to promote his directorial debut, Kaufman has agreed to take part in the project.
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I did something similar with my web site Chaser a while ago, before I changed things around somewhat. It was kind of interesting to put out every step of what you are doing in public.
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I find diarizing my work so depressing - less depressing than diarizing my personal life, but depressing nonetheless. When college kids on their "career exploration projects" ask me to describe a day-in-the-life or how a project progresses, I feel so empty, like I took a 30 pound crap. So good for Wired, I guess for being self-aware.

But they should consider getting Donald attached to help them with some of the pacing on those videos.
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<3 This brings back memories. It's great to see how the reals do it.
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It would be more compelling if there was a murder, or at least a sudden explosion that rattled the windows.
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^There's still time.
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In one of Tanz's e-mails to his editor he inadvertently highlights the sheer gimmickry of this nonsense:

"3) the dude doesn't like to talk about his personal life, which is fair enough, and doesn't like to explain his work, which is also fair enough."

So don't profile him. Use all this effort and time and editorial space to write about something meaningful and important, rather than jump through hoops just so Wired can have yet another Hollywood movie tie-in.
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