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Each letter corresponds to a number 0-9. The solution is unique.

A cryptarithm (or alphametic) is a puzzle in which each digit of an equation is replaced by a different letter. One of the first, and best known, appeared in 1924:
A collection of classic cryptarithms can be found here; some interesting extensions to the concept can be found here. And, if you'd like to make your own, the alphametic generator here and solver here may be of use.
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That 'interesting extensions' link is fantastic. Great post! And great presentation, too.
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Cool. Here's a cached version of the geocities link.
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The Alphametic Applet solved it instantly. Impressive.
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A = 8
E = 4
F = 1
I = 0
K = 6
L = 3
M = 7
R = 2
S = 9
T = 5

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Write it down, Darling. I like it. I want to use it more often in conversation.
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Wow, the entire site of Mike Keith's is wonderful. I recognize his constrained pastiches of Poe, so I must have visited at least part of the site before, but a lot of the material seems new to me.
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Man, I loved those Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School books when I was in elementary school. They were nothing but these kind of puzzles. They were fun but pretty tough when they started rolling in multiplication and division towards the back.
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The symbol system is irrelevant to the solution of these kinds of problems.

I'd love to see an alphametic that used symbols combining into emoticons. That would be something.
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Oh, I've got one:
+ ;)
Not great though. (Not a unique solution at all.) Ideally it should hang together like SEND + MORE = MONEY. But it is a new kind of puzzle!
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Another one:
+  <>

(Unique solution!) Not enough people awake making up alphametics.  (What? You got something better to do?)

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Apparently Metafilter's parsers get nervous if you type hyphen-hyphen-> (since that's the end escape for HTML). The problem (unique solution!) was <-hyphen-hyphen + hyphen-hyphen->= ??!

It's actually not a bad problem. Sorry for the formatting issue. (And it's not necessary to escape inside PRE, by the way.)
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(Solvable, not uniquely, in base 10.)
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If you do these puzzles in base 2, most of them are unsolvable. (One letter per digit, right?)
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Since no one else has posted it so far, I may as well go first and claim my special prize/compensation for being cruelly distracted at work.





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The world's smallest alphametic! (Where are the people from Guinness when you need them?):
+ I
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Hmm, I'm not sure if I should deserve credit for this or not:

M = 2
E = 1
F = 0
I = 7
T = 8
A = 6
S = 9
K = 5
L = 3
R = 4
MEFI = 2107
META = 2186
ASKME = 69521
FILTER = 73814
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Moral of the story: When using Geocities, always upgrade to their 1 MB per month bandwidth plan.
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I first tried to mix some colors, but that didn't turn out to well. So I started asking some questions instead and finally got an answer:

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Cryptarithm is the perfect goth-nerdcore band name.
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Unique solution in base 10:
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Leading zeroes are generally excluded in this type of puzzle, Perplexity.
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I remember my jubilant introduction to these from Sideways Arithmetic at Wayside School! Thanks!
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I always found these from Sideways Arithmetic at Wayside School. They are lots of fun. They have a kind of quality which I also find in sudoku, but with some extra rules from mathematics which means you can put some logic into it.
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Unique solution in base 10:
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It's funnier to solve them when you swap the letters for (non-solution digits).

E.g., solve this mentally:
 +  8453
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Punkey: Not that you'll probably see this, but I happened to run across Sideways Arithmetic From Wayside School at the local thrift store today, and picked it up based on you mentioning it. I thought it would be appropriate for my middle school aged siblings, but, looking through it, I'll have to try my hand at the latter portion of the book.
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