Security Threat! But only if your server's running...
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Security Threat! But only if your server's running... No crap. I love the Note on Microsoft's security bulletin for it's recent IIS 5.0 security flaw. Did anyone need to be told that?
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One could argue that there would be certain instances where an OEM manufacturer could install IIS has a standard Windows 2000 distro, but the customer never use that particular service. I have an IMAP server on my machine which I have yet to upgrade despite security bulletins because the service is disabled.
posted by chrish at 12:21 PM on May 4, 2001

"Warning: This MS product has been known to climb out of the package at night, install itself on your server, and give access to your network to all sorts of unseemly hacker-types. Upon purchase of Win2K server, please take the unopened box and bury deep in your back yard. Thank you for choosing Microsoft."
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FYI: I patched this server on wednesday morning, when the patch was first released.
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Yeah, the Chinese vs. US crap has slowed down significantly and now we're starting to see the Windows 2000 defacements roll in. Someone made it so easy to gain access to vulnerable machines, your mother could probably do it and this hole is so bad, Microsoft halted production of their "Service Pack 2" for Windows 2000 to include the fix. So patch up.
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