Between this, the new FTD Florists, and the new Motel 6... let's just say Prom night just planned ITSELF...
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Residents of Sioux City, Iowa rejoice. 205 years of mediocrity and second-class status draw to a close on Monday, September 8th when, at long last... Olive Garden Arrives. [Sioux City Journal link, cache]

(the Sioux City Chamber of Commerce provides you with a list of restaurants that totally suck and can go ahead and close down now for all I care [nice try, guys]... Sioux City Olive Garden MeFi meetup?)
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This pretty much feels like "Sioux City sucks, amirite". -- cortex

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Thread deleted for the following reason: It's still Red Lobster. Sioux City's already got one of those.
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Is this something I'd have to live in Iowa to care about?
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WAIT!! - our sonic drive-in's still under construction - and you've got an ORANGE JULIUS??

how the hell did that happen? - kalamazoo and portage better get on the ball!
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It is the same menu customers will find in each of Olive Garden's 584 restaurants. With 70,000 employees and more than $2.6 billion in annual sales, Olive Garden remains the leading restaurant in the Italian dining segment. Olive Garden is a division of Darden Restaurants Inc., the world's largest casual dining company.

"So if you come here, you go to Omaha or you go anywhere else that has an Olive Garden, you should be able to sit down and have the same bowl of soup and have it taste the same," Hagarty said.

Imagine that!

How can it be that anywhere in the US still finds chain-restaurant monoculture new and exciting? Are they still getting over the miracle of plastics?

As for Sioux City's decidedly unMediterranean-like weather, he said he's used to it. He is, after all, from Omaha.

Exotic Omaha!
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They should take this article and republish it word for word in the Onion. It's almost perfect. All that's missing is a quote from Area Man.
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December 10, 2006? Really?
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