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Movie poster artist draws a line. Drew Struzan is retiring. Responsible for some of the most iconic movie posters from the last thirty years, some of his non-poster work can be seen at his official site. Many of the original images are for sale, starting at $30,000. Some of his paintings and drawings might be considered NSFW.
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Here's a good collection of his movie posters.
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Timeless, iconic classics. But I prefer my posters in the original Polish.
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He's definitely talented, but I'm either indifferent to or annoyed by most of his movie illustrations. They feel very mannered, fussy, and over-polished, or just -- off. (That's John Cusack?) The only movie-related items I like are Hellboy and the Bladerunner piece from 2003. It might be because I have mixed feelings, at best, about most of these movies, or because he seems to blandify a bunch of distinctive actors. Or maybe it's just because the stuff I like is more recent and he's gotten looser over the years.

But I like his studio pieces a lot. They're just more playful and mucky and fluid. He simply seems to be having more fun with these.
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It makes me sad to think such warm, luscious nudes might be NSFW for someone.
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No, we all love the poster. But... uh... Swayze walked and now we signed Jeff Bridges to the role.
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I think The Thing is one of my favorite all time posters.
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Exactly, Auden. Those Polish posters put American movie posters to shame.
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The "most" iconic poster link in the original post (for Raiders of the Lost Ark style B) is by Richard Amsel, not Drew Struzan.
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Iconic is the word! Struzan is legendary. I have the movie poster of The Thing on my wall and it never ceases to amaze me every time I stare at it. It's probably one of my top 3 favorite movie posters of all-time.
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