February 14, 2000
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Yahoo! is being sued. The plaintiffs claim that Yahoo!'s use of cookies violates Texas anti-stalking laws.
posted by tdecius (3 comments total)
That has got to be the most bullshit claim I have ever heard. Just like the article stated at the bottom, you yourself can turn off cookies or be warned before accepting them. It's not as if Yahoo is doing this without your concent. It's your preference in your browser that gives them the right to do it.

one word really: frivolous.
posted by sikk at 12:14 PM on February 14, 2000

I blogged this a couple weeks back when they first announced it, and yeah, it's completely stupid.
posted by mathowie at 12:41 PM on February 14, 2000

I think I might have to sue metafilter.com for tracking me through-out this site.
posted by sikk at 2:32 PM on February 14, 2000

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