"I can tell you that she went well."
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RIP Nagi Noda (1973-2008) Amazingly talented art director/music video director. Sentimental Journey. Hearts on Fire. She's My Man. Her website of collected works, Uchu Country. Antville thread with a beautiful story from Aaron Stewart-Ahn is here.
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Oh my, this is so terrible. She was so young and talented.

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Noda first came to my attention via a pakuri issue concerning my favorite j-pop group's album cover.
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That's too bad, I like her.. Is she the one who dressed and behaved like a hamster in a store window for days ?
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That's a real shock. I first knew of her because of the Hanpanda project, which included a great video for Halcali called Baby Blue. Noda was very creative, and started my interest in all kinds of Japanese design projects in Japan.
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The first time i saw her work was in Yuki's sentimental journey video, i still think it's one of the best she made.
She used the same concept in her white stripes coke commercial.
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Oh, very sad - so young to die! She had so much talent.
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She was obviously well loved. I'll miss the beautiful things that she'll never make. We are all poorer for the loss.
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