Unearthly Island
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Even the inhabitants of Socotra might think some of their island is beautiful but a bit outré.... Alien landscapes on Earth.
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Whoa. That's like the Great Race of Yith made out with landscape features from trippier 80s videogames and you just took a bunch of acid, and then Roger Dean painted it.
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Hey - ArtW clearly hooked up his videogames to my mind because that was exactly what I was thinking. Something that a gentle Japanese animatrix would have done for an updated managnized version of the Ring Trilogy, that ends up being almost an art form of its own. Crikey, My Roger Dean poster is peeling off the wall....blue tack is rubbish!
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This and New Zealand would be amazing to see.
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This is the Dragon's Blood Tree, the coolest of the Dracaena by far. The Canary island version looks like a monk's parasol.
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Thanks for posting this; I'm extremely glad I saw these photos.
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When I was a lot younger, I decided that Socotra was what had remained in written memory as Eden. Now that I've seen so many more images, I find myself even more loathe to release that youthful fancy.
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Dear Yemen,

Socotra. Please.

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so cool! thanks for the post. and these pigeon towers of iran in a related post are pretty neat, too.
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Eponysterical! Who'd of known you were already there; I see a film plot that doesn't involve a master race of damn dirty apes and a spaceship crash materialising...
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Those trees remind me of Myst, for some reason.
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Wow. I was in Iceland a couple of weeks ago, and I thought that place felt like being on the moon, what with all the lava fields and steam coming out of the ground, but this place looks as though its been generated by that software landscape program that creates everything using fractals.
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I was wondering just why they call it a dragon tree... then I read it has red sap. Red sap! Cut it and it bleeds! That's just too trippy...
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Fascinating, I had no idea this place was so. Thank you.
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Wow, what bizarre features! I'd never heard of this place before. It's remarkable.
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Whoa. If you type 'socotra' into google maps, this is what you get.

I'm going.
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and then Roger Dean painted it.

Roger Dean's architecture would be perfect for this place.
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Amazing. Thank you for posting this!
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From the Wikipedia page:

Flora and fauna:

See also: List of spiders of Socotra

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Holy crap, that is so cool.
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