ANTS in Space
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The Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarm (ANTS) " a generic mission architecture consisting of miniaturized, autonomous, self-similar, reconfigurable, addressable components forming structures. The components/structures have wide spatial distribution and multi-level organization. This ‘swarm’ behavior is inspired by the success of social insect colonies...." ANTS may one day teem through the solar system.... (last two links large QT files)

There's quite a number of video clips on the site, collected here.
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Prey has come true...
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Interesting simulations. I'm sure there's no lack of well thought out ideas for these types of systems - just lack of funds to even prototype them.

I thought that book was terrible - the science and the premise - that's aside from Crichton being a nut and all.
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Fabulous post. Thanks!
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Hello? Replicators? Grey goo? Have these guys not seen or read any sci-fi in the past 30 years?
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Did someone say space ants?
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Prey has come true...

That's funny. I was thinking it was more like the network of Von Neumann machines in Spin...
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I can't believe no one has yet welcomed our new insect overlords.
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That's because instead we must welcome our new gray goo overlord!
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Lem wins again.
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The entire time LARA was snaking around on the surface of the moon it was carrying with it enough rocket fuel to reach lunar orbit? That doesn't seem like an efficient use of energy. I'm not even certain why you'd want it back. It would be really dirty.
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Grey Goo is as much bullshit as FTL travel.
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Ants aren't taking over the world. Collective action is not sentience... so I'm not that worried.
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Nowhere in there does it say anything about these devices self-replicating (which is far from technically feasible at this point)... so comments about grey goo, the execrable Prey and so on seem a bit knee-jerk.

For that matter, NASA's own use of the term "nanotechnology" in the name also seems kind of buzzwordy and almost irrelevant to the concept; they sort of hand-wave about needing nanotubes for weight reduction, but that's about the extent of it. Maybe they just needed the N for the cool acronym.
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