Sophie Can Walk
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Sophie Can Walk, a documentary that chronicles "the prejudice faced by baby-Americans born without the ability to walk" (Via BoingBoing)
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6 minutes, one joke.
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that wheelchair was amazing, though.

also, zach galifianakis got thin, huh.
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Saw this when it went up on the Street Carnage site. Eh.
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I think it's brilliant - very funny.
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Tragically our last child, Harrison, was afflicted in the same way! And many other parents I know have had the same experience. Why is this epidemic being ignored?!?!

We are optimistic that our next child, due in 8-weeks, will not have to suffer in this way.
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Sorry, I already gave to the Little Donny Foundation.
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Thanks ever so much for getting that song stuck in my head, n_o_d. (I didn't even have to click the link, it's like a Pavlovian reaction, or like losing the game.)

Eventually, I'm going to hum it out loud and then I'm so going to get fired.
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Very, very funny!

(I had a very experienced health visitor in the Uk - a person who calls around a few times just to check things are okay with new mothers - who loved to chat. She said she had one mother who insisted her baby was already walking properly at five months. The health visitor said she sort of shrugged neutrally - and murmured "really? That seems terribly unlikely" - when the five-month-old walked into the room!).
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If you liked this video, you'll love:

Anything currently on TV that's a "comedy".
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Thanks to Sophie, things are improving. My son is walking at ten months!
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