Universal Algorithm of Experience
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Universal Algorithm of Experience: Rev. Luke Anthony Murphy has produced four books of graphs over the past five years: Relationships, Spiritual Matters, Money, and Problems. These graphs are attempts to give shape to the conditions that produce the internal environment of anxiety. Recently a group of these were presented in a show called Wilderness at Bernadette Salvage Fine Arts in conjunction with 7hours in Brooklyn. Rev. Luke Anthony Murphy is a painter and shows this work as well as his digitally produced drawings and photos in New York, Toronto, and Berlin. He currently lives in East Harlem, New York, and works for CBS.com.
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See lukelab.com for a much better introduction to Luke's work than that Cabinet link.
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It seems to me that you could have provided more than one link for all of that biographical info. I don't know, this read like an about the author section of a book jacket...
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I've always wanted to make a graph showing the normal relationship between ham and bitter weeping!
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This looks straight out of the Museum of Jurassic Technology.
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All I'm seeing is Timecube with a budget. Am I supposed to be appreciating this ironically or earnestly?
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It's not an algorithm, it's a formula.
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I don't get it.
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Something about all this suggests Asperger's Syndrome--not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. But I see a brilliant obsession, even if I can't figure out why the artist appears to be posing as a cleric.
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um, no. i need something with moonlight and waves in the water. perhaps a horse or two would be nice in the background...for over the sofa.
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Looks like there is a strong future in bitter weeping.
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...and ham.
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Two great tastes!
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What? I'm with the "are we making fun of timecube guy?" crowd. What is the takeaway here? That I can use his little online tool to make meaningless and arbitrary graphs? Can't Excel do that?

I'm serious - what should I be seeing here that I'm not seeing?
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"Science works 'cause it got numbers and graphs."

"My pseudo-scientific mysticism becomes SCIENCE-Y when I spuriously quantify the subjective, and add graphs!"

"Falsifiable hypothesis? Repeatable trials? Objective measurements? What dat?"

"As long as I appropriate the outward appearance of something, its actual content is unimportant."

I'm sorry, am I missing something, or is this just as much pseudo-scientific bullshit as the "colon cleanser" infomercial I was subjected to while eating at the dinner tonight?
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I really like the "Surface of Anxiety" one in which shows a geometry being pulled into a singularity of "pure porn".
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