The Islamic art collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
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The Islamic art collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has beautiful objects to delight every fancy, whether you seek manuscript illustration (more), calligraphy (more), glassware (more), archetectural elements (more) and much, yes, more! If you want some knowledge to go with the beauty then you are in luck because on the site there is an overview of Islamic art history from inception to the now.
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There's a highlights page on the site which has three objects.
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Hey! Awesome! I work at LACMA, and the Islamic galleries are easily one of my favorite spots in the museum to chill -- it's an amazing, deep collection that's been amassed with real care and dedication. We're lucky to have it. Thanks, Kattullus, for bringing it to more people's attention!

In addition to the permanent collection online, there's also a nice online exhibition here that looks specifically at the relation between the expansion of the Mongol empire and the development of Islamic art.
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It's amazing what you can do if pictorial imagery is limited (depending on which kingdom you lived in). I've always found the calligraphy to be stunning. Thanks for the link, Kattullus.
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Wow, that's impressive and makes me want to visit LACMA. When I was in NYC my favorite place to relax in the Met was the Islamic Gallery; hardly anyone was there, and I could enjoy the beautiful manuscripts and objects at my leisure. Thanks for the post!
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Great, great links, Katullus.
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