Live performances at AOL Sessions
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AOL Sessions has live videos from more than 150 different artists specially recorded for the series. Here are just a few of the artists on offer: Paul McCartney, Mary J. Blige, Modest Mouse, Tori Amos, Robyn, Tom Petty, Rhymefest, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Natasha Bedingfield, Cat Power, Toby Keith, Lil' Wayne, Robert Plant, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kelly Rowland, Weezer and Brian Wilson. To the left of the videos there's a Q&A link that has short interview videos with the artists as well as behind the scenes footage and longer interviews.
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The first Modest Mouse song is none other than Broke, the band's first ever single from back in 1996. Also, every once in a while I get shocked all over again that Johnny Marr is in Modest Mouse (incidentally, the Q&A section for Modest Mouse has videos of Johnny Marr and Isaac Brock).
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Went straight to Cat Power. Won't play. Then I remembered: "oh, right! This is America Online! How silly of me!"

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to reprint, from the comments on that page:

6/30/2008 10:33 am
i'm from catalonia (spain) why this video is not aviable in my country?? why?? this is internet is free to borders?? or not??

Marina, to answer your question: NOT!!!
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from their front page: their lead story is that guy from hootie and the bowlfish.

I rest my case.
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hootie and the bowlfish.

Best typo I've seen since Tower Records in Shibuya wrote "Eric Crapton",
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I will watch these after I go buy some Cascade® Complete All-In-1 Action Packs. Because it’s like adding the ultimate button to my dishwasher.*

*Not available in Spain.
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I always assumed Tom Petty started out as a typo and then he just decided to go with it.
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Thankfully, Cat Power doesn't talk in this, unlike a previous AOL interview.
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WTF, it doesn't even have the courtesy to tell me that it won't play because I'm in Denmark. It just doesn't load. Boo!
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I liked 'Broke' on the Modest Mouse page, but was completely underwhelmed by Cat Power's videos (her band was overpowering her on songs where her voice should be the premier instrument.) The Yeah Yeah Yeah's acoustic was pretty awesome. Good find, this is pretty cool.
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Rather than find something to crap on I'll just go ahead and thank you for this excellent post.
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punkfloyd: I couldn't agree more. For those of you reading this thread who've never heard of them, just remember, For an 'Out of this World Clean,' NEW Cascade® Complete All-In-1 Action Packs!
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Nice post. I actually used a John Mayer video from AOL Sessions yesterday as part of a presentation I had to give.
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I love the REM ones.
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The New Kids on the Block session was surprisingly as bad as I remember them. You'd think there'd be a little bit of nostalgia from having that music shoved down my throat during the 80's but no, not a drop.
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The David Gilmour section is interesting and a bit bittersweet as Rick Wright is in several of them.
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Almost every song, about halfway through, Iggy Pop would slink his way out of his leather jacket. Then, as if by magic, the beginning of the next song would feature Iggy, jacket back on as if he had just arrived. Is he always in a constant state of dress and undress?
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You know, I thought you guys were just riffin' with the Cascade® line, but jesus that is pretty annoying. Hit me on the head with that commercial after every what, second video? I know advertising requires you see a certain message X amount of times, but I have to think there's a Z amount of times, which is X + Y, where Z = hatred of your product.
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Yesterday, when I watched all of this, there were differents ads, not nearly as annoying and most of them were only 15 seconds long. My mute button would have gotten a lot of stroking yesterday if I'd had to see that ad every second video.

Oh, and one thing hit me watching a the Beastie Boys videos again... that video really catches them at that awkward stage where they were morphing from perpetual adolescents into the respectable middle-aged hepcats of today.
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But you need GeoWorks to view the videos. Darn.
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Great vids... would be better without the ads :)
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