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Sculpted Beastlies (A flickr set, via)
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Too cute!
posted by piratebowling at 8:31 AM on September 23, 2008

I was really hoping for a Totoro. Some of them come close, but not close enough.
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This post will wendell! Thank you!
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Some similar beasties.
posted by Wolfdog at 8:55 AM on September 23, 2008

I do some mini clay sculpturing myself, although not quite as good as this. I'd be interested in knowing more about her process if anyone has a link.

I assume this is polymer clay, which I have some exposure to but less than just plain plasticine.

And for instance, how is she attaching parts as in this one? I always make my attachments seamless both for looks and strength. It looks like that guy's teeth are going to fall out and his spines drop off. But maybe polymer bonds better when you cook it? Or is she gluing together pre-formed pieces?
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Oh, I figured out how to find her site but there's no information...
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Those are pretty awesome. I used to do little things like that as a kid in art classes, though with nowhere near the skill. I'm not particularly what you'd call artistic. But if I was this is the sort of thing I would create.
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I used to do little things like that as a kid in art classes

I still do things like this... whenever I am waiting on one of my artist friends in the studio on campus, I amuse myself by making little pets from their clay scraps... I've even had a few fired for said friends.

That's why I could never do well my art classes - never could stay on task long enough to complete the assignment. Just did my own thing.
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Not only are the sculptures fabulous, but the photos are great too! If someone finds out more information on this artists, please post it!
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Heh. I used to make little monsters like this and sell them on the street when I lived in Austin.I even have a couple of leftover critters from back then.

DU,these are polymer clay - she sells them on Etsy. I imagine she's just inserting the parts into deep holes she pokes into the clay. I've done the same thing, and it seems to work out OK, but I usually try to make the joints seamless as well. I always worry they're going to fall apart if i don't.
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Man, this is the lamest Sporn ever.
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I just got an email from the artist:

Hello! My name is Leslie Levings and I make the Beastlies. I got a google alert about the MetaFilter page referencing my sculptures, but I can't post on it without paying a fee. So I clicked on your username, which led me here!

All my guys are made of polymer clay, and the polymer does bond better than one would think. I typically blend seams (like around arms and legs), but with things like the little teeth, they really do stick in there pretty well. I've never had a beastlie lose any parts (unless I dropped it on a hardwood floor). I hope this is helpful! If you're still interested, I actually just started doing a live broadcast of my beastlie-making. It's once a week, usually on Mondays, and usually around 3:30pm (pacific time). You can even type questions live and I'll answer them as best I can! The address is:
And then I sell my guys (including the ones I make live on the cam) at
Anyway, sorry to leave such a long, random comment on your blog! :)

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