Mixtube: YouTube mixtapes
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Mixtube allows users to create online playlists of songs on YouTube, and play those assembled by others. Both mixing and playing have a nice simple interface. Here's one I took a few minutes to make.
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YouTube already has play list creation, it will cycle through a list of songs. But this is nice for sharing play lists in a central place, and I assume no need to log in to YouTube. Playlists are important to re-assemble classical music broken into parts because of length.
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It looks almost exactly like (now defunct) Muxtape. Any relationship, or did they just rip off the design?

All Hail West Texas/Sweden (incomplete, live, and covers) - The Mountain Goats
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Just for personal use there's also YouPlayer (in firefox that is)
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mrgrimm: Their about page says they used opentape's (open source) code.
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....waits anxiously for flapjax to post his.
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Oh wow. This is great and the other tips in the thread too. YAY!
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Now I can actually do stuff (which is to say "browse the internets") while my babies watch Sesame Street on my lap.
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The playlist creation link above is kind of old (for doing it on YT itself). The Help is more up-to-date: Playlists (it's been made simpler).
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I'm guessing that using YouTube clips allows them to sidestep any copyright issue. After all, is YouTube's fault if there are problems in that area.
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....waits anxiously for flapjax to post his.

Haha! Yeah, maybe I'll start using this for FPPs.
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Very nice idea!

I created a quick playlist here.
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Sweeet! Here's my mix tape of Swingin' Lounge Music!
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Hopefully this will be successful...if not...well, then it won't be alone in the deadpool startups.
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