Some of the biggest questions/That's ever been asked/Do you know where life is going/Can you tell where it starts?
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Assignment details: Discuss the following: We know that life exists on Earth, and has taken billions of years to evolve into the things we see today. But has this happened anywhere other than Earth? Well, to help sort out this headscratcher of a question, NASA has commissioned MC Oort Kuiper, aka Jonathan Chase, a grad student at the University of Glamorgan, to write a rap about it. "Astrobiology" appears in the European edition of Astrobiology Magazine.
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Damn! Just when I thought it couldn't get any more gangsta, he started rapping about alien autopsies and doppler shifts over some drum n bass ...

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I'd prefer NASA to spend our tax money on actually searching for extraterrestrial life. Fully funding the mission to Europa would be a good start. The least they could do is spend the money getting U.S. students interested in science. Or is that already a lost cause?
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He should battle MC Hawking.
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Generally, when a large organization commissions an urban artist to make their product seem cool and hip, it fails. Usually badly.

With that as my expectation benchmark, this was surprisingly not awful.

Still, I would have liked to see MC Frontalot's take on the subject.
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Similarly, the Large Hadron Rap.
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Fully funding the mission to Europa would be a good start.

I don't think that commissioning a song is going to make the difference, any more than not buying coffee this morning brought me closer to affording my own stealth bomber.
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I like Big Bangs and I cannot lie.
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"The origin of life is hotly debated
some say evolved some say created
The choice is up to you it just depends on how you weigh it"

My tax dollars at work? Really?
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Science is the US is becoming a joke.

Fortunately for scientists, the EU is hiring.
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Punch 'em in the quark.
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