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2008 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge "The winners -- in categories including photography, illustration, informational graphics, and multimedia -- captured the crystalline beauty of diatoms, the expanse of the human circulatory system, a fairy tale tea party re-invented, and the dynamic life of a plant cell." (previously)
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Thank you for these.

Seeing this stuff makes me realize how much I was cheated out of science in high school. If I had been exposed to doing work like this, I might have persevered through my limited aptitude in math and made a go of producing work that could capture this kind of beauty. Science and art have never been separate - I know that now - and the aesthetic experience of scientific inquiry and discovery is breathtaking.
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btw, this article at National Geographic has better images.
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Mostly harmless my ass
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It's official, I now have squidphobia.
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